"This is the missing piece in Insolvency."
Insolvency Professional, Toronto
“IRIS is an excellent tool. It has saved me a great deal of time and eliminates the need to use multiple different platforms.”
Restructuring & Insolvency Associate, Toronto

What is IRIS?


Information at Your Fingertips

Our AI-enabled search allows you to immediately find the the perfect precedent for your Insolvency files from over 155,000 documents, pleadings, motions, facta, Monitors Reports, and more!


Your Strategic Advantage

IRIS gives you access to thousands of bankruptcy, Receivership, and CCAA precedents and cases you never knew existed and your competitors don't have. Use data hidden in these precedents to help you and your client get to the best outcome.



Time is money and don't get caught scrambling to keep up. Use knowledge from successes of the past to develop a winning strategy before the money runs out.



Don't be left wondering if you missed out on something. Access the most complete collection available including all CCAA documents back to 2009, with selected filings back to 1993 and the most complete collection of Receivership, BIA Proposal, and Bankruptcy filings.

Join the data revolution and take back your time with IRIS today!

See How It Works

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Quickly search key terms or issues that you need a precedent for and incorporate that same language into your own drafts.

Search sections of the CCAA or BIA to identify how they have been argued in past pleadings and tailor your own winning arguments.

Identify key deal terms such as SISPs, KERPs, or Break Fees in previous cases and use that valuable data to create the most successful plans.

Refine and target your searches even more by applying filters for Industry, proceeding type, and jurisdiction, discover past cases that closely align to your current scenario. Find the best outcomes for your client and reverse engineer a strategy to get there.

Always stay on top of the latest restructurings by Following ongoing cases you are most interested in and receive alerts whenever a new document has been filed.

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